Just a girl in love with life
Hey, I'm Sydney. I love music, art & pretty things and so should you. May the force be with you. IG: @Sydthekyd_38
"I guess I couldn’t live without, the things that made my life what it is" #tooyoung #phoenix #asianeyes
Wait….I look like a girl?! :o #sassysaturday #sushisaturday
#Flashbackfriday to last night’s show. It was very #rad
"Wind will howl and moon will cower at the magic of the word"
Hey you, have a nice day :) #beautifulday #lifeisgood
Happy birthday to Adam Lazzara! One of the most talented, cool, rad , hip, caring, kind and awesome dudes out there. Have a good one! @adamdamnlazzara #HappyBirthday #mcm
Watching Citizen music videos and drinking iced coffee with a few added espresso shots. A great way to wake up on a rainy day. #citizen #morningblues